Resilient communications for, first responders, disaster management and surveillance


Omni-Hubenables a secure, mobile and resilient critical voice, video , sensor and broadband data capability to support Critical and Temporary Infrastructure, Counter Terrorism, Law Enforcement and other First Responders, such as Police, Fire , Ambulance and Rescue Teams.

Multiple Omni-Hub™’deployments creates a carrier agnostic Secure Virtual Network — Omni-Hub.Net.

The Omni-Hub utilises multiple Wireless networks, WiFi, cellular and BGAN satellite networks, to minimize the cost of transmission while still providing  an optimized bonded pipe for intelligent communication, based on various algorithm’s.

The Omni-Hubis NOT a load balanced, point-to-point router. It is much more. The Omni-HubBONDS multiple channels together to create a high-bandwidth resilient pipe with failover VPN’s when only several low bandwidth pipes are available. The user can easily adjust the priorities that control the pipe bandwidth and speed.

Multiple Omni-Hubs near each other can automatically form a virtual mesh network to increase the bandwidth even more.



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