iRecord Covert (HDVR-100)



iRecord Covert (HDVR-100)


OEM ready, stand-alone, network enabled, hybrid digital video recorder for security and surveillance applications, supporting both analog and IP cameras. The power fail-safe feature of the recorder limits data loss to no more than one second.

iRecord Covert converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution, network-enabled surveillance system. The analog A/V signal from the camera is captured, compressed and stored to an attached USB storage media using Motion JPEG (MJPEG) or H.264 video and MP3 audio formats.

iRecord Covert enhances the functionality of the attached IP camera by providing a store and forward A/V stream feature. It records the IP camera’s MJPEG high quality video stream along with its audio to an attached USB storage device at full frame rate. The live A/V stream or stored contents can be streamed in MJPEG, or transcoded, on the fly, to a highly compressed H.264 stream for remote viewing. iRecord Covert can support up to 4 IP cameras on LAN or WAN.

iRecord Covert is also a stand-alone player, with standard play back features that allow access to the recorded contents quickly and efficiently for local viewing. The recorded files can also by played by event types, such as motion detection, video lost, camera tampering, and audio monitoring. During playback, a video segment of interest can easily be extracted from a recording. The iRecord Covert player offers a powerful search and retrieval function to quickly locate a selected event or a group of events within a specified time period. A ‘jump to time’ feature jumps to the desired point in the file to start playback immediately.

The recordings made using iRecord Covert can be viewed in off-line mode by attaching the USB storage device to a computer. The off-line player application is automatically placed on the storage device by iRecord Covert, providing the same dash board as the on-line, web-based user interface.

Several stand-alone iRecord Covert units can be used as a symmetric, decentralized monitoring system (patent pending) across the network. Each iRecord Covert can access the others on the network for system configuration, monitoring, recording, and playback.



Video encoding: H.264, MJPEG
Video transcoding
(decode / encode):
Real time conversion of MJPEG to H.264 for store and forward
Resolution: Full D1 (720x480) for recording,
QVGA (320x240) to Full D1 (720x480) for transcoding
Frame rate: 30 fps (NTSC), 25 fps (PAL)
Video signal format: NTSC, PAL and  SECAM
Video input / output: S-video input, CVBS input(BNC), S-video output, CVBS output(RCA), RJ45 input for IP camera
Video tagging: Date, timestamp, frame number
Audio compression: MP3(16kbps, 8KHz)
Audio input/output: Stereo Line-in (3.5mm jack), Mono microphone input (PC-compatible), Stereo Line-out (3.5mm jack)
Multiplexing: AVI container for video and audio data
Circular mode: Non-stop recording by overwriting the oldest data first
Linear mode: Recording stops when storage media is full
Event mode: Recording starts and stops based on events: motion detection, ideo signal loss, audio loudness detection and camera tampering
Event recording history: Pre-event buffer (0-3 seconds), Post-event buffer (1-10 seconds)
Continuous mode: Continues recording until manually stopped
IP camera mode: MJPEG recorded in real-time at highest resolution supported by the camera
Tape mode: Seamless transition between recorded files
Playback: play till end of recording
Rewind : traverses backwards to the beginning of the recording
Forward : traverses forward to the end of the recording
Control modes: Pause, Fast Fwd (16x, 32x, 64x, 90x ) , Fast Rwd (1x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 90x), Reverse Play
Segment extraction: Save a segment of interest during playback
TV or computer: Playback on a TV or on a computer using off the shelf media players like VLC as well as via standard browsers with a flash player plug-in
Smart Search &  Play: Timestamp based or event based
Streaming: Location free monitoring (Live streaming), Stream and store video simultaneously, Pre-recorded files
Protocols supported: HTTP, RTMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, SMTP; Standard analog PTZ protocols (Sony VISCA, Pelco D)
Web server: File management ( rename/delete/download/update list )
Ethernet switch or router: Two 10/100 Base Ethernet ports (RJ45), Supports cellular modems like Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Raven, CradlePoint CTR-500 & any DSL modem
USB connectivity: USB 2.0 host port (Type A connector) for external USB storage devices
USB 2.0 host port (Type AB connector) for external USB storage devices
Serial interfaces (GPS, PTZ) RS232 | RS422 | RS485, GPS power (DB-9 connector), I2C (on header)
Alarm input/output: Optocoupler isolated 2 inputs and 2 outputs (8-pin Mini-Din connector)
Switches: 5 control buttons (front panel)
Power input: 8 - 30 V DC range (2mm Barrel connector); Operable from an automobile cigratte lighter source
Power output: 12VDC @ 500mA (1.65mm Barrel connector), Regulated output for powering external cameras
Max. power consumption: 24 Watt: at full load, including HDVR power output (12VDC @ 500mA) and USB power (5VDC @ 500 mA) load
15 Watt: excluding HDVR power output load




iRecord Covert Datasheet

iRecord Covert for ANPR Datasheet

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