Gazelle Quad Receiver System



Gazelle Quad Receiver System


Gazelle is a high performance, modular receiver system that utilizes a high speed bus containing up to 4 independent receiver modules all simultaneously logging the RF energy needed to plot out coverage maps. Gazelle™ is designed from the ground up to provide hot-swappable receiver modules for in-the-field installation and includes an internal 12-channel/satellite GPS receiver. Gazelle's unique, modular high-speed receivers exceed the distance based averaging required to meet standard and 40 lambda averaging criteria essential for critical propagation analysis. The Gazelle is a low-cost test system ideal for advanced pre-buildout drive-studies for optimizing WiMAX and LTE networks.



  • Multiple bands support including WiMAX, LTE, GSM, LMR, PCS, ISM, WCS, ACS & more
  • Quad modular receivers allow users to swap various bands while in the field
  • Support for standard and 40 lambda averaging (post-processed)
  • Internal 12-channel/12 satellite GPS receiver with active antenna
  • Custom user-created channel lists
  • User selectable sampling rates and IF bandwidth
  • Captured data output via USB for connectivity to any PC
  • Optional GPS-based mapping Forecaster™ PC software support
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA


FREQUENCY RANGE: 120 MHz - 6000 MHz (CW only)
Stock sub-band receivers:
120 - 180 MHz, 12 / 6 kHz IF BW
400 - 500 MHz, 12 / 6 kHz IF BW
690 - 810 MHz, 12 / 6 kHz IF BW
810 - 960 MHz, 12 / 6 kHz IF BW
Frequency Resolution 250 Hz
Frequency Accuracy +1.5 PPM internal reference, Aging +1 PPM per year
Dual Conversion 433 MHz first IF, 455 kHz second IF
IF Bandwidth 4 KHz, 7.5 kHz, 10 KHz, 12 kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 KHz, 30 kHz
(each receiver has 2 selectable IF filters)
Sensitivity -120 dBm for SNR 5 dB and 12 kHz IF BW
Adjacent Channel Rejection >45 dB
Stability  +0.25 PPM from 0 to 50 degrees C
Phase Noise  10 kHz offset -89 dBc typical
100 kHz offset -115 dBc typical
1 MHz offset -125 dBc
Noise Figure 7 dB typical for 12 kHz IF BW and 5 dB SNR
Image Rejection 80 dB typical, 50 dB minimum
Adjacent Channel Rejection 50 dB typical, 40 dB minimum
Measurement Range -120 dBm to -30 dBm, 0.1 dB resolution
Accuracy +1 dB, -30 dBm to -105 dBm
+1.5 dB, -106 dBm to -120 dBm
RF Input SMA 50 Ohms, 1.8:1 VSWR maximum
Maximum RF Input without damage +13 dBm
LO Level at RF Input -70 dBm maximum
Operating Temperature -5 Degrees C to 45 Degrees C
Relative Humidity Up to 90%, non-condensing
Remote Interface USB, RJ-45
GPS Receiver Internal 12-Channel/Satellite differential GPS with navigation with active antenna
Power  External 12-16 VDC @ 1000 mA
Weight  5 lbs.  fully loaded
Dimensions  4" H x 10" W x 12" L 
Antenna SMA (50 ohms)
DC Power Supply 12 VDC @ 5 Amps
PC Software Vista or Windows 7
Custom frequency bands available upon request


Gazelle Quad Receiver System Datasheet (pdf)

User Manual

Gazelle Quad Receiver System User Manual (pdf)

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