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Aviat NetworksThanks to our 50 years of industry experience, Aviat Networks knows microwave transmission better than anyone, and now we are delivering the next generation of LTE Proven and Mission Critical microwave networking solutions that bring together high performance radio transmission, advanced data networking and smart network evolution to all-IP.


Eclipse Dual Hybrid/Packet Microwave

Eclipse delivers a "complete" set of microwave nodal networking capabilities which conventional microwave systems are unable to fully address. Eclipse delivers tremendous multi-directional integrated microwave switching within a single system, supporting up to 3 RF or up to 12 Ethernet radios in a single rack unit, in comparison to non nodal systems which require multiple units to be stacked.

Eclipse also supports both native TDM and Ethernet services and provides fully integrated Ethernet switching and IP networking, eliminating the need for external TDM grooming or Ethernet aggregation devices.

Additionally, Eclipse can deliver greater than 2Gbps wireless transport with intelligent and fully integrated bandwidth optimization features like XPIC, ACM, and data compression, for a truly comprehensive nodal system that reduces your footprint and lowers your TCO.

Aviat Networks also offers a selection of microwave indoor units to fit different location and density requirement needs ranging from compact cell site locations to large aggregation networking hubs. All platform options offer the same superior networking with high RF and Carrier Ethernet performance benefits, providing both migration flexibility and high reliability.

Available in licensed frequency bands from 5 to 80 GHz. Wireless Networks offer a full consultancy service including obtaining licenses, performing site surveys, link estimation, installation and training.

If you have a system requirement please contact us or call us on +44 (0)1530 231141 and we will be happy to advise you.

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