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Wireless Networks provide best of breed, proven, cutting edge Wireless & IP products for both commercial and security applications. Focusing on licensed, lightly licensed and unlicensed wireless communications including WiFi, alongside broadcast video transmission and site survey solutions.

Wireless Networks are proud to offer equipment and solutions from the following industry leading companies.

LMW Electronics Ltd - G8 LMW (Consultiing) own the rights and trade of LMW Electronics. A world class leading innovator of highly reliable RF Surveillance solutions and hold legacy product and materials stock to support it’s customers of over 30 years worldwide. We also stock a range of antenna and camera cable sets, for the OWL and other LMW solutions.

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LMW Electronics Ltd

Berkeley Varitronics - Another example of a partner we support and supply solutions for, such as the complete range of cellphone detection products. Starting with the PocketHound, TransitHound going up to the WolfHoundPro and following on from LMW’s successful STxx Survey Transmitters over the years, we now also supply, support and recalibrate the BV Mobile Networks base station site test solution range such as the Tortoise and Dragon Transmitter signal generators as well as the LMW ST2 mini Tx.

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Berkeley Varitronics

Aviat Networks - We are also a solutions partner for AviatNet and the world class Microwave Eclipse range of Backhaul Enterprise class links here in the UK. Contact us if you need support or solutions planning for your networks.

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AviatNET Authorised Partner

Peplink -Having worked very closely with Peplink and their Pepwave Max and Peplink Balance products for over 4 years, we understand the product set, solutions and specifically the Speed Fusion VPN Bonding and balance networks. As a partner and Etailer for Peplink, we can supply the full product set including full support to set up and maintain the products via the Peplink Cloud.

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Peplink Authorised Etailer

Avalon RF - If it’s broadcast quality low latency HD COFDM RF solutions you need, we also represent AvalonRF here in the UK and have supplied systems across the world utilising our Antenna solutions such as the RHC Flat Panel array’s and dipoles at 1-5Ghz

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Avalon RF Authorised Partner

Streaming Networks - We also represents Streaming Networks Inc. and their range of video and audio recording products here in the UK, including the famous iCovert Hybrid HDVR100 for a small, 12v mixed cameras solution including PTZ protocols and ANPR/LPR embedded solutions.

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Streaming Networks

AVer - Partnering with AVer and their IP Video Solutions that naturally partner with our knowledge of Peplink, Pepwave Max and Balance solutions,  providing Hybrid CCTV solutions and installations with a range of remote access Hybrid DVR’s and IP fixed and PTZ cameras, which are highly reliable and straight forward to integrate, cost effective and a natural upgrade path from Analogue Video and Audio.

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Aver Authorised Partner

Tactical Wireless - Working with Tactical Wireless is an example of the way we partnered to bring to market a world class mobile network and packet level secure VPN bonding solution for 3G/4G and satellite networks, to deliver a Store and Forward, bandwidth managed network, Omni-Hub.net and a range of enterprise class products and bespoke solutions.

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Tactical Wireless Authorised Partner

G8 LMW (Consulting) - As specialist RF Design and wireless network solution experts with a wealth of experience, we understand the principles and the need to help
support our partners and customers to bring their products to market and the RF and EMC challenges this can cause along the way.

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G8 LMW Consulting

Wireless Networks can offer a range of design & consulting services, site surveys, post delivery support, project management and product integration services depending on your individual requirements.

If you have a system requirement or have any questions please contact us or call us on +44 (0)1455 822109 and we will be happy to offer advice.

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